Another fowl delivery for Mike and Kitty Dukakis

The Boston Globe

Michael Dukakis

By Globe Staff 

In the hands of director Wes Craven, it would be a terrifying scene: A teenager finds a turkey carcass on the stoop outside his grandfather’s house.

But when the grandfather is former Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis, famous for his waste-not, want-not mentality, it’s perfectly understandable — and utterly adorable — that a stranger would leave a bird carcass on his porch.


Indeed, since a 2015 Globe story detailing Dukakis’s post-Thanksgiving tradition of making soup with the leftover turkey, carcasses occasionally show up on his porch. It happened again Tuesday — the day after Christmas — according to Duke’s granddaughter, ABC News digital journalist Ali Dukakis, who tweeted an image of the bird skeleton in an Old Navy bag.

Because the 84-year-old Dukakis has said he considers tossing away a turkey carcass to be “sinful,” something tells us he and wife Kitty are braving the frigid temperatures with a bowl of hearty turkey soup.