Peter Wolf rings in 2018 in classic fashion

Eric Antoniou

Peter Wolf at the Cabot Theatre in Beverly.

By Globe Staff 

Singer Peter Wolf, backed by his ace band the Midnight Travelers, rang in 2018 at the Cabot Theatre in Beverly, treating the sold-out crowd to a stellar set of his own songs and a few J. Geils classics, including “Homework,” “Musta Got Lost,” and Bobby Womack’s “Lookin’ for a Love.” . . . A couple of JTs — James Taylor and Justin Timberlake — were hanging out together on New Year’s Eve. The two singers were at a house party in Big Sky, Mont., so naturally indulged in a couple of impromptu duets in the kitchen. We’re told Timberlake referred to Taylor as OGJT, an abbreviation for “original gangsta JT.”

Kim Taylor

Justin Timberlake and James Taylor in the kitchen.