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For many, the fact that the Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl is reason enough to watch the game. But at least some of the 112 million folks who’ll tune into the spectacle want to see the ads.

Commercials that air during the Super Bowl cost a small fortune and often feature celebrities. Keep an eye out, for instance, for Matt Damon, who shows up in a spot promoting Belgian beer Stella Artois and the actor’s own Water.org charity. (The nonprofit works to provide access to clean water in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.)

The Super Bowl ad features Damon, who’s a big Pats fan, pouring himself a glass of clean water in a Stella chalice, with footage of African men and women walking miles to get drinking water.


“If just 1 percent of you watching this buys one,” Damon says, referring to the Stella glass, “we could give clean water to 1 million people for five years.”

The limited edition goblets are available at Water.org for $13 — $3.13 of which will be donated to the clean water effort.

Will such socially conscious spots replace the Doritos dog or the Budweiser Clydesdales? We doubt it, but the “No More” campaign against domestic violence debuted during the Super Bowl in 2014, and Audi aired a spot last year acknowledging the gender pay issue. In addition to the Damon ad, Budweiser has a Super Bowl spot cued up this year that highlights the emergency water fund in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the California wildfires of this year. A portion of each download of the song in the ad, a cover of “Stand by Me” by Skylar Grey, will be donated to the American Red Cross and the water program.