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Is Gronk going Hollywood?

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski AP

After Sunday’s disappointing Super Bowl loss, Rob Gronkowski didn’t rule out the idea that he might retire.

We’re doubtful he’ll do it, but now comes word that Gronk may be considering a career in Hollywood. That’s right, the tight end my try his hand at acting.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that Gronkowski has been encouraged by former professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and “Rocky” actor Sylvester Stallone to start making movies.

One reason Gronk might consider such a gambit is because he’s suffered a lot of injuries over the past few seasons, and it’s easier and safer to make a bad action movie than to catch a football with a defensive back bearing down on you. Two weeks before the Super Bowl, Gronk sustained a concussion in the AFC Championship Game, and it’s unlikely that was his first.


Gronk’s agent Drew Rosenhaus could not be reached from comment on his client’s apparent interest in a movie career.

Here’s the thing: Gronkowski has already made a movie, and it wasn’t good. In “You Can’t Have It,” the Patriots pass catcher played a cop who’s dispatched to keep the peace at a local watering hole. Gronk was prominently featured in the poster for the film, but he had just one line.

Actress Joanna Krupa, one of Gronk’s costars in the movie, said afterward that the big guy wasn’t good to work with. Asked by TMZ if Gronk might win an Academy Award for his performance, Krupa sneered.

“Considering he was the only person we had to do re-take after re-take for his one line, I don’t know. I think [Gronk] was too busy focusing on the hot girls on set,” she said.

Krupa also said she was upset that Gronk, given his high profile, didn’t work harder to promote the film.


“To me he’s not a big team player,” Krupa said.

In addition to commercials for Tide and Dunkin’ Donuts, Gronk’s other on-screen credits include the 2015 movie “Entourage,” in which he plays himself; “The Clapper,” in which he also plays himself; and something called “Deported,” in which he plays a character called Party Guy Jake.

None of that suggests Gronk is ticketed for stardom, but movies don’t have to be good to be successful, as Dwayne Johnson well knows. The former WWE wrestler is a bankable star in Hollywood, but you wouldn’t call “Snitch” or “Pain & Gain” or “Central Intelligence” or, really, any movie he’s made “good.” And yet, Forbes estimates “The Rock” earned $65 million last year.