Dancing twins come home to Boston – with Demi Lovato tour

Demi Lovato flanked by twin sisters Savana and Serena Petruzello.

By Robert Steiner Globe Correspondent 

If you’ve seen pop diva Demi Lovato perform on TV lately, you’ve probably noticed the two strikingly similar dancers on stage with her. You’re not seeing double — Savana and SerenaPetruzello are, in fact, identical twin sisters and members of Lovato’s dance crew. Born and raised in Boston, the 20-year-olds began their careers at the age of 2, studying at Jeannette Neill and Static Noyze. Now, they’re coming home, backing Lovato (and d DJ Khaled) at TD Garden March 26.

“There are two places they’ve always wanted to perform: The first one was Madison Square Garden, which they did around Christmas time with Demi,” said Savana and Serena’s mother/manager Sharon Petruzello. “And then they said, ‘We need to perform in front of our peers in Boston,’ so this is a huge deal.”


The sisters’ resumes also include stints with Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, andPaula Abdul, and they’ve performed on “Good Morning America,” “Ellen,” and “The Tonight Show.”

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Based in LA at the moment, the sisters have come a long way since their Boston beginnings, dancing with college crews before they were even in high school. The TD Garden gig will serve as a full-circle moment for local friends and family, but the young dancers are just getting started, says their “momager.”

“It was hard to leave them in LA and try to manage them from here,” Petruzello said. “But I’m so proud of them; it’s a lot of work and I see what goes into it. They are on their game, they work hard for everything that they’ve got.”

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