Jessica Biel takes the plunge to help Wellesley family

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“Elodie, this one’s for you?” Jessica Biel said before jumping into a pool with her clothes on.

By Globe Staff 

Actress Jessica Biel — some of you may know her as Mrs. Justin Timberlake — celebrated her 36th birthday by jumping into a pool with her clothes on.

Why would she do such a thing? Because Biel was helping raise money to benefit Wellesley native Emily Kubik’s daughter, Elodie, who suffers from a genetic tissue disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.


“Elodie, this one’s for you?” Biel says just before jumping into the pool.

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Meanwhile, a group of Kubik’s close friends and former classmates from Wellesley — one of whom became friends with Biel when they were students at Tufts — dashed into icier waters for young Elodie. The Plunge for Elodie — the first Boston-area EB fund-raiser — had been due to take place in Hingham, but the high seas generated by the recent severe weather prompted the group to relocate to Morses Pond in Wellesley.

Thanks in part to Biel’s endorsement, the Plunge for Elodie has raised $143,000 — all of which goes to the EB Research Partnership.

Here’s Biel taking the plunge.