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Howie Carr is staying put in the pages of the Herald

Howie Carr in 2007.Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe/Boston Globe

It gives us no pleasure to report that the ranks at the Boston Herald are thinning now that Digital First Media has taken over the tabloid. The company, which is owned by Alden Global Capital, cut the paper’s staff by nearly 30 percent, from about 240 employees under former owner Pat Purcell to 175 now, and more layoffs may be looming.

But fans of conservative columnist Howie Carr, who’s called the Herald home for 40 years, off and on, can rest easy: Howie will continue to rant in print and online about injustices perpetrated by, well, liberals. (He can also be heard on WRKO-AM 680.)


“I’m staying on,” Carr told us, reached on his cell Tuesday as he finished a column hammering state troopers for allegedly logging overtime they didn’t work.

“I’ve been invited to stay on,” he clarified.


Asked if he’d taken a pay cut, Carr wouldn’t say. Nor would he tell us if he’s unhappy that Alden Global Capital — dubbed “vulture capitalists” by some former Herald staffers — is the paper’s new owner.

“Are you unhappy that your newspaper printed fake news claiming the economy would crash after Trump was elected?” Carr snarled, a reference (we think) to the satirical front page published by the Globe predicting possible outcomes of a Trump presidency.

Ah, good old Howie. He isn’t going anywhere, at least not yet.