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Post-punk band puts Ivanka Trump on the cover of new EP

Ivanka TrumpAFP/Getty Images

Pioneering British post-punkers Gang of Four are getting some press for their latest EP, “Complicit,” in part because it features a picture of President Trump’s daughter Ivanka standing in front of the American flag.

You may recall that Ivanka Trump was skewered in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which actress Scarlett Johansson played the first daughter in a commercial for a faux fragrance called “Complicit.” (The tag line was: “For the woman who could stop all this, but won’t.”)

That Gang of Four are getting
political should surprise no one
who’s familiar with their past work, notably 1979’s “Entertainment!,” a masterpiece that blends Marxist ideology and jagged guitar grooves to spectacular effect. (Even Forbes.com, which is no fan of Karl Marx, ranks “Entertainment!” as a truly great record.)


Only one original member, Andy Gill, is still in Gang of Four. The band’s original drummer, Hugo Burnham, lives in Gloucester these days and teaches at both Emerson and Endicott colleges. Thursday, we rang up Burnham to see what he thinks of his former band’s new album art.

“Honestly, we probably wouldn’t have been so obvious about it,” said Burnham, who calls himself Gang of One when he DJs. “Gang of Four were more subtle with their politics and their artwork. It’s not quite as smart as it used to be.

“It would be like putting a picture of [Margaret] Thatcher on the cover in the old days,” he said.