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One chance to view ‘The Dating Project’

Whether they’re studying biology, art, linguistics, or history, college students get a lot of information in a short amount of time. Outside of the classroom, they learn other things, too — like how to date, and what it means to seek out a romantic partner. One Boston College professor sought to merge the two lessons, and on Tuesday night, viewers can watch it all unfold on the big screen.

As part of a one-night-only event, select theaters will screen “The Dating Project,” a film that follows Kerry Cronin, a psychology professor at Boston College in the Interdisciplinary Perspectives Program.

The documentary features her unconventional extra-credit assignment regarding college dating culture. Cronin asked students to go on “traditional dates” following specific guidelines — such as a no-texting policy for asking the person out, a time constraint of 45 to 90 minutes per date, and even instructions on how to hug. The film then follows five single people in their quest for companionship, two of whom, Matt and Shanzi, are Boston College seniors. (Their last names have been left out for privacy.)

“Dating takes social courage and we need to teach our young people the virtue of social courage,” Cronin said in a statement. “This documentary opens a conversation that a lot of single people are wanting to be part of. I’ve been having a wonderful conversation about it for years with students at Boston College, but the movie also does a beautiful job of showing the great human struggle that single people face day to day. I think we need to work together to support them in proving that there are ways to date differently.”


The 70-minute documentary will be screened by Fathom Events at Fenway Stadium 13, Assembly Row 12, and Revere Showcase Cinemas. For a full list of Massachusetts theaters and to buy tickets, visit the official site: www.thedatingprojectmovie.com.


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