If anyone can identify with “Climb Every Mountain,” the signature ballad from “The Sound of Music,” it’s Lauren Kidwell.

The 2014 graduate of the Boston Conservatory, who plays the Mother Abbess in the touring production of “The Sound of Music,” opening Tuesday at the Boch Center Wang Theatre, knows a thing or two about staying on course.

“Having my character be that person of wisdom and of guidance to be able to help other people find their path is something I completely relate to,” Kidwell said before a recent visit to her alma mater (pictured). “Not only have I had people help me with that path, but I’ve also helped, I think.”


She talked to the students about her experience moving to New York, auditioning for roles, and finding herself as an artist.

“Definitely, the most important thing I wish I had earlier was understanding and knowing myself,” Kidwell said. “That’s such an important part of being an actor, and what separates the performer from the artist . . . understanding who I was gave me the confidence to trust my unique qualities in the audition room.”

Interestingly, Mother Abbess is typically portrayed as an older actress. Not this time.

“They tried to focus the character in a way that she’s more like Maria than she is different from her,” Kidwell said. “She sees a lot of herself in Maria.”

Performing in “The Sound of Music” is a dream come true, she said.

“There’s nothing like going out on that stage and finishing Act 1 and Act 2 and knowing that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, singing a song about where you’re supposed to be,” Kidwell said. “There’s something just kind of surreal about that whole moment.”