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Joe Kennedy III is on the cover of Nantucket Magazine

Joseph Kennedy III was photographed aboard The Valiant by photographer-at-large Kit Noble and interviewed by publisher Bruce A. Percelay and editor Robert Cocuzzo for the cover of the July issue of Nantucket's N Magazine. Art direction by Paulette Chevalier. Nantucket Magazine

Representative Joe Kennedy III says he isn’t looking ahead to 2020, and neither should his fellow Democrats.

“I don’t share the same anxiety at this point that there’s no clear front runner for the Democratic nomination,” Kennedy said in a wide-ranging cover interview for the July issue of Nantucket Magazine.

“There shouldn’t be,” he added.

Kennedy said he’s honored that there are people that include his name in the group of potential 2020 contenders. But the third-term congressman reiterated he’s in no rush to leave this current job (though he has said in the past he’d be potentially interested “if a Senate seat were to open”).


“I’m in this bizarre job that the moment you have it everybody wants to know when you’re trying to find another one,” he said.

Kennedy also said he pays no attention to all of the books and films produced about his famous family’s history.

“There’s been a lot written and said about my family,” he told the publication. “A lot of specials, a lot of movies. I essentially don’t watch any of them. I don’t read any of them. I keep that away. Because without question, as balanced as the writers or producers might be, undoubtedly they’re going to focus on the historical aspect of some of my family members. They don’t focus on the parts that matter most to me. They focus on the Kennedy part and not on the family part. What were they like as a mom and a dad, as a brother and a sister, as a husband, a daughter? That matters most to me — the family part.”

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