James Taylor performed his classic “Shed a Little Light,” dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., for an audience of 60,000 at a concert in London’s Hyde Park that also featured Paul Simon and Bonnie Raitt Sunday.

Before the song, Taylor, who lives in the Berkshires, took a moment to reference President Trump, whose recent visit to the United Kingdom prompted protests.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there is an America different than the one represented by that guy,” he said.

“It is bigger than that, it has soul and will be back,” he added before singing, “Oh, let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King and recognize that there are ties between us. All men and women living on the Earth, ties of hope and love, sister and brotherhood.”


“We are bound together in our desire to see the world become a place in which our children can grow free and strong. We are bound together by the task that stands before us and the road that lies ahead.”

The crowd cheered their approval.

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