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New John F. Kennedy Library initiative aims to show that a president’s ‘Words Count’

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has launched a new “Words Count” campaign online with the verified @JohnFKennedy Twitter handle.

The account has been tweeting out quotes from President Kennedy every day in an effort to show that a president’s “words count.”

“President Kennedy’s inspiration included many things, including his words, and he galvanized a nation and inspired a generation with his words, whether it be the idea of let’s go to the moon or Peace Corps and civil rights,” Steven Rothstein, the executive director at the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, told the Globe.

“And today, 80 percent of the people alive were born after the Kennedy administration, and we want to be able to galvanize and inspire those people — just as folks like me that were inspired by President Kennedy in the ’60s.”


The Twitter account is the main way that Kennedy’s words are being disseminated, but it’s part of a larger campaign, created by the Martin Agency, that will include newspaper ads and billboards, Rothstein said.

The campaign will run through winter 2019.

Quotes shared on the Twitter account so far include words from Kennedy’s 1960 Democratic National Convention nomination acceptance address, his 1961 inaugural address, and more.

“I hope it inspires people that what they can do, not what others, but what they can do, how they can make an impact, and that they’ll think critically about the range of issues,” Rothstein said. “We need everyone engaged, just as President Kennedy encouraged people to get involved.”

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