Cardi B shows off custom (and very sparkly) Reebok kicks

Cardi B
Cardi BJordan Strauss/Invision/AP, file

Rapper Cardi B displayed her new kicks on Instagram Sunday, thanks to Reebok.

Two months after announcing their partnership, the Boston-based sneaker giant sent Cardi B a custom pair of bedazzled pink and white sneakers. The rapper shared a video of the shoes.

“Should my Reebok sneakers be like this?” Cardi B asks in the video. “If I do a collab with Reebok, should it be like this?”

Since November, Cardi B has been photographed wearing a number of Reebok’s sneakers and attire, including ’90s Aztreks, but she has yet to unveil custom kicks.

“Cardi B joins Reebok’s growing coalition of game-changing women, including Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid, Danai Gurira, Victoria Beckham, and more,” the brand said in a press release at the time of the announcement. “This collaboration will be a continuation of the brand’s shift in strategy from celebrities creating their own sub-brands and silhouettes to celebrities bringing attention to Reebok’s iconic sneaker models.”


Toward the end of the video, Cardi B revealed another, smaller pair of matching shoes, for her daughter, Kulture Kiari, “my little stinky feet girl.”

“I don’t care if these don’t fit her right now,” Cardi B said in the video, holding up the miniature shoes. “I’m gonna put them on. Matching outfits with my momma, baby!”

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