Julian Edelman’s beard trimmings are coming home.

Edelman lost his beard during a Feb. 8 appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. The hairs subsequently went up for auction, and that ended Friday.

The winning bid of $8,500 came from the Cushman Concepts restaurant group, which owns the Japanese restaurant Hokojo, near Fenway Park.

DeGeneres offered $10,000 for Edelman to shave his beard when he was on her show. She said she’d donate the money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Edelman matched the donation.

The $8,500 from the auction will also go to the clubs.

Alyssa DiPasquale, communications director for the restaurant group, says Edelman has frequented the restaurant for a number of years, and owners Tim and Nancy Cushman appreciate his patronage.


“Nancy and Tim thought it’d be nice to pay it forward and contribute to him the way he has” as a regular, DiPasquale said.

Edelman has publicly expressed his love for Hojoko in the past, like in this tweet.

He also told Bloomberg News in 2016 that Hojoko had one of the five best burgers in Boston.

The trimmings won’t be displayed at other Cushman restaurants, DiPasquale said.

“It’s got its home at Hojoko,” she said.

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