Garrett Harker, Andy Husbands get things cooking at Community Servings

BOSTON, MA - 3/11/2019: L-R Garrett Harker the Proprietor & Partner of Eastern Standard & Island Creek Oyster Bar, Louis DiBiccari of Create Boston, David Bazirgan of Bambara, Brian Hillmer the executive chef Comm Servings, Andy Husbands from The Smoke Shop and David Waters CEO of Community Servings. A group of BOSTON CHEFS TO VOLUNTEER IN COMMUNITY SERVINGS KITCHEN (David L Ryan/Globe Staff ) SECTION: NAMES TOPIC 12namesServings
David L Ryan/Globe Staff
From left: Garrett Harker, Louis DiBiccari, David Bazirgan, Brian Hillmer, Andy Husbands, and David Waters prep food at Community Servings.

Boston chefs cooked up a storm at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain Monday afternoon. Garrett Harker — the owner of Easter Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar — rounded up some of his culinarily inclined friends, including David Bazirgan (Bambara Kitchen & Bar), Louis DiBiccari (Create Boston), and Andy Husbands (The Smoke Shop) to help prepare meals for homebound and ill individuals. Community Servings’ executive chef, Brian Hillmer, and CEO, David Waters, also joined the group.

Community Servings, a nonprofit that provides nutrition and food services to those in need throughout Massachusetts, is gearing up for LifeSavor, its annual fund-raiser on March 28, that kicks off with a cocktail party at the Langham hotel and then fans out to dozens of restaurants around the city.


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