Jameela Jamil , one of the stars of NBC’s hit comedy “The Good Place,” stepped in for “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson as the closing keynote speaker of the Simmons Leadership Conference on Tuesday evening.

Jamil spoke to arts and entertainment critic Joyce Kulhawik about her off-screen work, namely focused on body-image issues. The actress founded the @i_weigh Instagram, a movement that encourages people to weigh their worth by factors other than weight.

Jamil has been open about her past struggles with eating disorders and frequently calls out celebrities such as the Kardashians for promoting extreme weight loss products.

“Everything I’ve done to my body I’ve done out of shame,” Jamil told Kulhawik. “That’s why I’m here. To kill shame.”


She also highlighted gender equality in the entertainment industry and the importance of supporting marginalized groups.

“If men are afraid to hire women because of the #MeToo movement, let’s get more women at the top,” Jamil said.

Other featured speakers at the conference included actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox , first female Boston Marathon runner Kathrine Switzer , and former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard .


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