The 19th annual MassGeneral Hospital for Children Aspire Spring Gala raised more than $2.7 million for autism research and care last week. More than 850 people gathered at the Four Seasons in support of Aspire, a program out of the Lurie Center for Autism in Lexington, which helps people of all ages with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder develop a variety of skills. Attendees included (back row, from left) Elise Wulff, Aspire program manager; David Katz, Aspire participant; Dr. Scott McLeod, Aspire executive director; Ramsey Brewer and Aimery Brewer, Aspire participants; Andrew Harris, Aspire program manager; and Rocio Calvez, Aspire parent. Additional participants and family members included (front row, from left) Cai tlyn O’Leary, Aspire sibling; Melissa O’Leary, Aspire participant; Gabe Kramer, Aspire participant; Lee Boundy, Aspire participant; Charlotte Osborne, Aspire participant; and Skylar Strawbridge, Aspire participant. The Zakim Bridge was lit up in blue during the event in honor of autism awareness and Aspire.

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