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Julianne Moore to star in new TV series written by Stephen King

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Julianne Moore is joining Stephen King’s world.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Monday that Moore has signed on to star as the titular character in King’s new TV series, “Lisey’s Story.” King will write all eight episodes of the series, which is based on his 2006 bestselling novel of the same name.

“Lisey’s Story” follows the widow of a hit novelist. As she clears out her husband’s study, Lisey begins to learn remarkable and terrifying information about him and his family, and is even attacked by one of his fans.

Apple ordered the show after a bidding war among multiple outlets, according to THR. J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company will produce, along with Moore and King. Abrams and King previously teamed to produce King’s “11.22.63” and “Castle Rock” for Hulu, the latter of which was shot in Massachusetts.


While discussing “Lisey’s Story” in a 2006 interview, King shared that the book’s plot was partially inspired by his near-death experience in 1999 when he was hit by a van in Maine. Tabitha King, King’s wife and a fellow author, took the opportunity to redesign his writing studio. When he finally returned home, his study was still under renovation, which he found “disturbing.”

“All of the books were off the shelves and they were in cartons, and the rugs were rolled up, and the furniture had been taken away to get reupholstered,” King said in the interview. “And then I thought, I feel like a ghost in my own study. That thought came to me very clearly: I feel like a ghost in my own place.”

King began to think more about his own mortality, what would happen to his unfinished work, and whether someone would bother Tabitha about it.

“And I thought, there’s a story here, there’s a real story here,” King said. “So that became ‘Lisey’s Story.’ ”


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