The highly anticipated Linde Center for Music and Learning at Tanglewood will officially open to the public on June 28. Celebratory festivities will take place through July 1, starting with a ribbon cutting Friday morning.

Designed by William Rawn Associates Architects, the Linde Center is a massive, four-building component of the $64 million “Tanglewood Forever” initiative. The center, named after late BSO board chairman Edward H. Linde , will offer a variety of learning programs and Tanglewood initiatives.

Opening weekend at the center will featuring open house experiences and performances, including a string quartet workshop recital and talkback led by Peter Zazofsky and a WBUR “Circle Round” live podcast recording.


“Though the launch of the [Tanglewood Learning Institute] and the opening of the Linde Center represent a new milestone for the festival,” BSO president and CEO Mark Volpe said in a statement when a preview of the center was first made available in February, “Tanglewood’s overriding goal remains the same since its founding by Serge Koussevitzky in 1937 — to bring the musical, artistic, and physical beauty of the place, infused now with its storied history of great personalities and unforgettable events, to an ever more diverse public so that they too can enjoy the many gifts Tanglewood imparts.”

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