Rachel Platten, the singer behind 2015’s chart-topping “Fight Song,” opened up about her struggles with postpartum anxiety in a candid Instagram post on Tuesday. Platten, who grew up in Newton Centre, welcomed her first child in January with husband Kevin Lazan.

“Just a reminder — we are all on this journey together my loves,” she wrote. “No matter who you are or what you’ve done or gone through, I love you. I have been struggling with my post partum anxiety quite a bit this week — but in a dark moment I came across a YouTube video with the kindest comment section I’ve ever seen on the internet. Thousands and thousands of strangers blessing each other and sending each other love. It made tears of acceptance and faith stream down my face . . . and I was curious — could we do the same here?”


Platten asked her fans to leave “a little blessing or word of encouragement” to a stranger in the comments of her post. Positive comments poured in and within a day over 20,000 people had liked the singer’s post, which also featured a photo of her standing under a tree.

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