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Hours after a mass shooting in West Texas, as a Category 5 hurricane neared the Bahamas, President Trump took aim at “Will & Grace” actress Debra Messing on Twitter.

The Emmy-winning actress had previously called for the names of those attending the president’s Beverly Hills fund-raiser (set for later this month) to be made public. On Friday, Messing — who was raised in Rhode Island and earned a bachelor of arts degree from Brandeis University — tweeted: “Please print a list of all attendees please. The public has a right to know.”

Her “Will & Grace” co-star Eric McCormack added in a tweet of his own that he wanted to know who in Hollywood was backing Trump’s re-election campaign, “so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with.” Messing retweeted that note, adding, “Co-signed.”


Trump evidently noticed the remarks, calling out Messing in a tweet Sunday morning.

“I have not forgotten that when it was announced that I was going to do ‘The Apprentice,’ and when it then became a big hit, helping NBC’s failed lineup greatly, [Messing] came up to me at an Upfront [sic] & profusely thanked me, even calling me ‘Sir,’” wrote the commander-in-chief. “How times have changed!”

Messing responded to Trump, asking him to focus on the Texas shooting, which killed seven people and left at least 18 others injured, and Hurricane Dorian, which at that time had not yet made landfall in the Bahamas.

Later on Sunday, Messing followed up by sharing a partial list of “souls lost to preventable, devastating gun violence” and calling for universal background checks in addition to an assault weapons ban. “Take action,” she wrote, “and I’ll call you Sir.”

Messing later tweeted: “I am proud to be a donor when I contribute to a campaign. I am happy to be listed when I attend a fundraiser. I am assuming anyone who donates to Trump’s fundraiser would feel the same. Why wouldn’t they?”


Among Messing’s highest-profile defenders? New York financier Anthony Scaramucci, who infamously served as President Trump’s communications director for 11 days. He’s since walked back his once-strident support for the president, writing that he’s “unfit for office” in a Washington Post op-ed.

Messing “has always been a class act,” Scaramucci tweeted at Trump. “She treated you with respect when you were worthy of it. Times have changed. You are no longer worthy of it. Stop harassing your fellow citizens with your childish bullying.”

As his re-election campaign takes shape, Trump is set to appear at events in San Francisco and Beverly Hills; the visit will mark the president’s first time in Los Angeles since an early-August tweetstorm in which he called Hollywood “racist at the highest level” following intense backlash against political satire “The Hunt.”

Isaac Feldberg can be reached by email at isaac.feldberg@globe.com, or on Twitter at @isaacfeldberg.