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Condo kitchen gets modern makeover

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Purchased through Wolfers, these Tech Lighting fixtures were set up via cable system, with stacks of five white-glass bracelets hanging off the railing, according to Paula Daher, principal of Back Bay-based Daher Interior Design. The homeowners wanted their Boston high-rise condo to feel "sophisticated and urban, yet comfortable and able to handle entertaining in a seamless way. The condo is a single level, and the kitchen needed to serve as the heart of the home as well as [a place where they could prepare] a Thanksgiving meal."


One wall is covered up to the ceiling with 6-by-12-inch subway-style ceramic tile. "We had the installer stack them, one on top of the other, creating a strong vertical and contemporary line," Daher said. "The individual tiles have a soft visual texture created with many small horizontal lines in soft shades of gray and white."



"When renovating a kitchen or bath, often as a designer I want to relocate sinks, tubs, and toilets to provide a more optimal floor plan," Daher said, but the concrete floor limited her to pivoting or moving items a very short distance. The cabinetry, a combination of custom and semicustom, is a full overlay style with European hinges. The cabinetsare painted a high-gloss whitewith an acrylic finish.


Made of quartz, the counter is from Cumar Inc. in Everett.


Daher opted for a prefinished walnut. The space needed a product that glues or clicks together, because you can't nail the wood into the concrete subfloor, she said.


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