A year of Alzheimer's Disease

The Globe followed early-onset Alzheimer's patient Bruce Vincent and his family for one year, chronicling his decline over time and how his loved ones struggle to maintain a connection.

Key lessons in Alzheimer’s drug failures, top Mass researcher says

Testing of several potential Alzheimer’s medications has yielded recent disappointments, but important lessons can be gleaned from those failures, says a top Boston researcher.

More Alzheimer’s patients will be allowed to enroll in medication studies

An international team of researchers has convinced federal regulators to relax rules that had barred many Alzheimer’s patients from clinical trials of a medication designed to halt the disease.

Boston researchers join international Alzheimer’s mission

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine are part of an international collaboration to discover and map all of the genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease in an effort to improve treatments.

Photo gallery: The Alzheimer’s Disease decline

This is the story in photos of how Bruce Vincent and his family have been coping with the disease over time.

By the numbers: Alzheimer’s in America

The Alzheimer’s Association released a full report this year outlining facts and figures about the disease in the United States. It provides state-by-state breakdowns, information about associated risks, data on different kinds of treatment and care, and resources for early diagnosis and detection.