Today is Friday, June 14, the 165th day of 2019. There are 200 days left in the year. This is Flag Day.

Birthdays: Actress Marla Gibbs is 88. House majority leader Steny Hoyer, Democrat of Maryland, is 80. Rock singer Rod Argent (The Zombies; Argent) is 74. President Trump is 73. Yes drummer Alan White is 70. Actor Will Patton is 65. Olympic gold medal speed skater Eric Heiden is 61. Singer Boy George is 58. Tennis Hall of Famer Steffi Graf is 50. Actor Kevin McHale is 31. Country singer Joel Crouse is 27.

In 1642, the first compulsory education law in the colonies was passed by the Massachusetts colonial legislature.


In 1775, the Continental Army, forerunner of the United States Army, was created.

In 1940, German troops entered Paris during World War II; the same day, the Nazis began transporting prisoners to the Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland.

In 1943, the US Supreme Court, in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, ruled 6-3 that public school students could not be forced to salute the US flag.

In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a measure adding the phrase ‘‘under God’’ to the Pledge of Allegiance.

In 1962, Anna Siesers, a seamstress, was found dead in her Back Bay apartment, the first of 13 slayings eventually linked to the Boston Strangler. (Albert Desalvo was implicated in the slayings; he was stabbed to death in prison in 1973.)

In 1968, Dr. Benjamin Spock and three other peace activists were convicted in Boston of conspiring to encourage young men to evade the draft during the Vietnam War. (The verdicts were overturned by an appeals court.) The Iron Butterfly single ‘‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’’ was released by Atco Records.

In 1982, Argentine forces surrendered to British troops on the disputed Falkland Islands.


In 1985, the 17-day hijack ordeal of TWA Flight 847 began as a pair of Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim extremists seized the jetliner shortly after takeoff from Athens, Greece.

In 1990, the US Supreme Court upheld, 6-3, police checkpoints that examined drivers for signs of intoxication.

In 1993, President Clinton nominated Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to serve on the Supreme Court.

Last year, a Justice Department watchdog report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe criticized the FBI and its former director, James Comey, but did not find evidence that political bias tainted the investigation.