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From fashionistas to legal scholars, these tastemakers reveal how they set the city’s trends.

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The One Thing

Building a better apron

Strapt aims for a cost-effective, functional, and stylish solution.

The Old Bags Project spotlights the insidiousness of ageism

The project is simple and striking: photographs of women in their underwear with shopping bags over their heads, commenting on their experiences of midlife.

Victoria’s Secret models during the the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York.

A cheeky elegy for the Victoria’s Secret catalog

The surprise isn’t that Victoria’s Secret is killing its mail-order catalog. It’s that it took them this long.

The wisdom of the ages

Quotes from the book “Old Bags Taking a Stand.”

Above: The names and locations of the 25 gates that surround Harvard Yard.

The gates of Harvard Yard

“I want people to stop and notice the gates because they’re beautiful,” says Blair Kamin, who edited the new book “Gates of Harvard Yard.”


Future’s so bright on Newbury St.

Finding shades on Newbury Street just got easier (and more stylish).


Dreaming of summer with shirts that speak to you

The Island Company has a line of T-shirts and accessories called the Quit Your Job collection that captures your flighty sensibilities.

5 things to know about sunscreen

Five things you should know about sunscreen before you get greased up for a day on the beach.

there’s an app for that

Turning coding into child’s play

Hopscotch’s new iPhone app makes it easy for kids (and beginners) to learn coding and build their own games.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

The coast of Sorrento in Italy.


Come back to Sorrento? In a heartbeat

When my husband and I departed for a tour of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, I was delighted to find on the itinerary a brief visit to Sorrento.

The one thing

Rest easy

Custom made mattresses delivered to your doorstep

My Instagram: Fenglan Peng

Suffolk University sophomore Fenglan Peng, a Guangzhou native, has captured a dazzling spread of subjects.

Louis Cervi of Pittsburgh with his Ford Focus that he leases for $192 a month. Due to sluggish sales, deals can be had on small cars such as the Focus.


Small-car deals abound as US buyers go crazy for SUVs

With many Americans rushing to buy trucks and SUVs, there are good deals to be had on cars, especially smaller models.

Naomi Smalls


Naomi Smalls brings her fashionable look and grooves to Boston

Naomi Smalls of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is performing this weekend in Providence and Boston.

Y-3 and Virgin Galactic space suit.


Earth-bound problems of stylish spacesuits

It appears couture, rather than courage, is what’s most valued in space.

Dogs on parade in Weston

Weston’s second annual pooch parade and festival is May 14.

Kate Winslet’s “Finding Neverland” gown.

Costumes worn by Kate Winslet, more part of Heritage Museums & Gardens show

The exhibit, which runs through Oct. 10, is located in one of Heritage’s smaller galleries to create an intimate feel.

there’s an app for that

Checking the sugar highs — and lows

Sugar Rush exposes the added sugars lurking in your groceries.

Chinoiserie chic-themed bedroom by Elizabeth Benedict.


Show me style at the Show House

Local designers collaborate on a historic 1840s Greek Revival home in Newton.


Honda, Nissan break records as auto sales stay hot in April

America’s love of trucks and SUVs helped push most automakers to healthy sales gains last month as Honda and Nissan reported best-ever April sales.

The most outrageous outfits at the Met Gala

With a technology theme, it’s no surprise that some of the gowns and getups presented on the red carpet were brow-raising.

Malia Obama will attend Harvard University in 2017 after taking a year off from her studies.

Malia Obama sparks interest, but gap years are rare

The announcement that Malia Obama will take a year off before starting at Harvard has triggered a wave of commentary.

Joshua Fields Millburn (left) and Ryan Nicodemus founded the multimedia project the Minimalists.

How minimalism teaches you to be happy with less

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus simplified life, which led to them founding the Minimalists and the art of letting go.

Kim Chi

Instagram star Kim Chi talks ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Season eight of is down to its final four contestants, and the Chicago powerhouse is still in the running.

Beyoncé's Ankara dress featured in the “Lemonade” video.


Let’s talk about Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ dress

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about “Lemonade’’ is how effortlessly it entangles personal and communal history.

My Instagram: Matthew Lowery

Lowery’s Instagram presents followers with a unique opportunity to see Boston at its most breathtaking.

Ram Rebel


Thinking about buying a sport utility vehicle or crossover? Get in line.

According to IHS Automotive, the segment outsold sedans in the United States last year.

The sofa’s lines mimic the architecture of the space.

Home Design

A youthful design suits young condo owner

The young physician who lives in this Boston condo wanted her new home to feel sophisticated, youthful, and a little playful.

“Bunny Love” dress by Little Goodall, $120 at CouCou, 24 Union Park St., 617-936-4082

The One Thing

Cuckoo? No, CouCou.

Charming new kids shop brings little known brands to Boston.

Donald Trump's 'Song of Myself'

A 2016 Ford F-150 rolls off

Safety upgrade for Ford F-150

Ford Motor Co. added more structural protection to the 2016 F-150 SuperCab to improve the pickup’s safety rating to “good” in the latest crash tests by an insurer group.

the one thing

Black and white and gray all over

Performance wear for grownups makes its debut.

5 things

How does your garden grow?

Container gardening is a great option for any would-be plant parent who’s tight on space.

Manolo Blahnik Dalea Derbys


Take back the wingtips

Initially worn by women, later appropriated by men, wingtips taking a feminine turn.

The space in between

Family transforms playroom above garage into a cool lounge space for three tween sisters.

Mariska Meijer Amsterdam Trays are available through Gracious Home.

Wait on Mom for a change

You’re a grown-up now but not above letting mom wait on you during a visit. Turn the tables this Mother’s Day.

Fans of popular down jacket are facing a real fur problem

Boston just wrapped up a mild winter, one that found a growing number of residents wrapped in Canada Goose.

The gardens at the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, R.I.

Daffodil days are here, but not for long

For those seeking new spring rituals, four spots for daffodil viewing in the region make for enjoyable day trips.

Acquiring a new look — and outlook — while thrift shopping

How thrift shopping changed my wardrobe — and my life.

Paris Is Always A Good Idea necklace, $24 online at


You’ll always have Paris

Spruce up your springtime style with a touch of French flair

My Instagram: Keith Greene

For Holden resident Keith Greene, unpredictability is essential.

Michael Wex’s new book is titled “Rhapsody in Schmaltz: Yiddish Food and Why We Can’t Stop Eating It.”


Micheal Wex on eating Yiddish: the power of schmaltz

Author Michael Wex looks at Jewish food traditions in his book “Rhapsody in Schmaltz.”


Forget Tolkien. New magic rings come from digital gods

The idea of smart jewelry has been around for decades, and is finally becoming part of everyday life.

5 things to know about ransomware

I was a victim of digital extortion, a crime that is becoming all too common these days. Here’s what I learned from the ordeal.

The Sprout Pencil.

The One Thing

Check off that assignment

A plant-able pencil sprouts herbs, flowers, fruit, and vegetables.