Kara’s fashion choices

Who is your favorite designer? Diane von Furstenberg. I think her clothing is so feminine and colorful and happy. I love how she embraces who she is as a strong woman without compromising fashion or style.

What are your favorite summer trends? Floral, printed jeans. (It’s fun to figure out how to make them work.) Maxi dresses. Anything with stripes. (I tend toward more of a classic look.) Peplum. (I can’t pull it off, but I like it. It’s a fun trend right now.)

How would you describe your style? Pretty laid back, pretty classic, and lots of color.


Best celebrity style? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Diane Kruger, Lauren Santo Domingo.

What’s your favorite fashion publication? Vogue. Like editions from all around the world especially Nippon, Paris, and Italia. But American Vogue is still my favorite. MARIAN DANIELLS