Blythe Russo at a friend’s condo in Brihgton.
Blythe Russo at a friend’s condo in Brihgton.(Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)


Age 29

Occupation Graphic designer and photographer at dance night Videodrome Discotheque

Residence Waltham

How do you dress for Videodrome, and why?

I like to wear things that make me feel very confident, reflect my mood, and make sure that the night is a fun thing for me to do. I want to channel the vibe of pop and disco, so I like to wear sparkly things.

I get the sense that one of your style icons is Madonna circa 1984?

I actually remember dressing up like her when I was younger, as most people did. But I’ve always liked that style. I buy a lot of vintage pieces. I always like a lot of accessories. Since high school, Debbie Harry has been an influence. I like the rocker-chic look. I wear a lot of leather, denim, and vintage T-shirts. And then I try to incorporate those into a hodgepodge of glamorous stuff.


Where do you shop for vintage clothing in Boston?

There are a couple of good thrift stores that I’ll go to in Waltham, and they’re not picked over. So I’ll get a lot of weird ’70s and ’80s shirts in really loud colors. I’ll find rock shirts and vintage things on eBay and Etsy. — C.M.

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