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Blessing Mazarura

Designer Blessing Mazarura with Maggie Inc.’s Sarah Papa and Bless by Bless’ Christina Yench.Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff/Globe Staff


Age 36

Occupation Fashion designer for Bless by Bless (models are wearing his designs)

Residence Leather District

Your real name is Bless?

It is. It’s short for Blessing.

It’s also a great name for a fashion designer.

I think the fashion part comes from my mother. She used to have a knitting machine and a sewing machine. She wasn’t exactly a designer, but she was a clothes maker.

Where else do you draw your sartorial inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from figures who are just larger than life. Pop stars, movie stars, or people who change the world in different ways, whether they are spiritual leaders or in pop culture.


Do you have a catch phrase to describe the style of clothing that you make?

I like to call it “street couture” because being a young designer, I get sample fabrics from stores. If you go back two weeks later, it’s not there anymore. As a result, I make these unique pieces. — C.M.

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