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    Jennifer Aniston’s new hair product: Who am I to be disappointed?

    Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with the Living Proof hair company.
    Noel Federizo
    Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with the Living Proof hair company.

    To look at me, you wouldn’t think I’m a person with a hair guru. But I am. Or was.

    She was Jennifer Aniston, and when I heard last week that she’d teamed up with a hair-products company I was ecstatic. I didn’t put it this baldly to myself, but here was my train of thought: If I use what she’s using, my hair will be just like hers, albeit not blonde, not the subject of international attention, not commanding millions per movie. But other than that, we’d be follicular twins.

    But then — tragedy struck. I realized that I had already tried one of Living Proof’s creations, a spray called Straight. At first, it made my hair glossier and easier to style than I’d dared to hope. How good was it? When I visited a friend in Nantucket this summer, she couldn’t wait until I’d gotten off the ferry to call out from the shore. “What are you using?”


    But slowly, my hair turned brittle, a situation I tried to remedy with more Straight, until my mother stepped in. “Beth,” she asked, “what happened to your hair?”

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    For my own protection, I tossed the product and put our brief romance out of my mind. Straight was dead to me. But then last week, there was Jennifer smiling in between the cofounder and the CEO of the Cambridge-based company. I thought of the Chico Marx line, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

    “Who am I gonna believe,” I asked myself, “Jennifer, or my own hair?”

    I called Living Proof and put the situation to the PR person. Guess what — there’s good news. The publicist invited me to visit the firm’s salon/lab for a hair analysis, and it turns out that the answer to my problem with one of their products is to buy a second product — the Restore repair cream. That will eliminate the situation that emerged when I used Straight (the first time).

    Wallet open, I headed to Sephora. Talk about a Hollywood ending.

    Beth Teitell can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @bethteitell.