Rule makers, rule breakers

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A memo from CBS warning attendees about showing too much skin (namely buttocks, genital region, and “female breasts”) caused for some chuckles prior to Sunday’s Grammy Awards, but the real question was: Who would follow the rules? After all, more than any other award show, the Grammys always has a toe over the line when it comes to fashion. Men had few rules to fret about, but not all of them made it work.
If we had to pick the gold standard of the night, the award would undoubtedly go to Justin Timberlake (left). The “Suit & Tie” singer found a perfect union on the red carpet in a sensational black and white tuxedo, floppy bow tie, and loafers made for his upcoming album release by venerable Tom Ford. Only Justin can make a sleek dreamboat ’do and a healthy dose of branding feel slick, not smarmy.

Rachel Raczka