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    Bijan Sabet

    Bijan Sabet at the Langham Hotel.
    (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe staff
    Bijan Sabet at the Langham Hotel.


    Age 44

    Occupation General partner at Spark Capital

    Residence Weston

    Does the way you dress reflect the types of start-ups you’ve invested in?

    I’m drawn to creative entrepreneurs. I backed Twitter very early in its life, invested in Tumblr when it first started, and Foursquare. These companies were very creative, with young founders and young teams.

    What influences your office style?

    I worked at start-up companies in Silicon Valley for 10 years where the dress is very casual. I didn’t start my career on Wall Street. I don’t own cuff links.

    So where do you shop? Do you buy anything specific each year?

    I tend to buy a watch every year. I hit a few stores religiously every spring and fall: Earnest Sewn in Manhattan, and I shop at Barneys here in Boston and Rag & Bone on Newbury Street. I joke that I like wearing suits, but it’d be really weird wearing a suit for my day job. We have a shareholder meeting every year, and I put on a suit then. But for my office, it’d freak everyone out if I wore a suit.

     —  Rachel Raczka

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