Christine Mitchell

Christine Mitchell at The Harvard Book Store.
Christine Mitchell at The Harvard Book Store.Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff


Age 28

Occupation Illustrator, stylist, freelance writer, and N'East Style blogger

Residence Cambridge

Do you find what you write about has influenced your own style?

I grew up in Maine and Vermont — where it's not practical to run around in platforms and little dresses — so I'm more of a Meryl Streep or Lauren Hutton-type dresser, where it's a little bit tomboy with feminine touches.

What led to your interest in menswear?

When I started my blog, I decided to concentrate on what I love about New England. Specifically about the artisans, independent shops, and innate style of the region. It was at the cusp of the Americana trend, so my blog organically gathered more menswear readers, despite being gender neutral.


The heritage and Americana movements are on their way out, but do you think they'll remain in New England?

I think the sensibilities behind them are what will stay, rather than the replication of the styles. The core of the trends was supporting your own economy, local artisans, and creators, and those elements will always remain. You can see it infiltrating other trends.    — Rachel Raczka

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