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    Scott Bishop and Chris Reed

    Scott Bishop (left) and Chris Reed at the MBTA Wellington Carhouse in Medford.
    Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff
    Scott Bishop (left) and Chris Reed at the MBTA Wellington Carhouse in Medford.


    Age 38

    Occupation Associate Principal for Stoss

    Residence Quincy


    Age 44

    Occupation Founding Principal for Stoss

    Residence Brookline

    Do you ever look at the people in cities to help to define a project?

    CHRIS We have a number of opportunities where we interact with people, and part of it is just getting a sense of who these folks are. Often we don’t live in the town where the project is happening. We do a lot of informal walking around, and part of that is taking into account what people are doing, what they look like, and what they wear.

    SCOTT You can draw out a certain sense of style from a number of places. Like our project in Green Bay. There’s a certain kind of attitude and austerity that I think is also reflected in the kind of practicality and approach of the design. I think it needs to be compatible with the community.

    As winners of a major design award from the Cooper-Hewitt, do you feel pressure to look like design award winners?

    CHRIS For the big award ceremonies, both Scott and I and our wives went out and bought entirely new outfits because of the stage that we were on. We always care about how we look. We need clothing that’s versatile because we go from a dirty construction site to a university president’s meeting. But I think the more that we’re imbued in design culture, the stakes are raised.

     —  Christopher Muther

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