Instagram fashion: Christopher Snow

Christopher Snow.

Real men wear pencil skirts, and we have proof in the form of peroxide blond Christopher Snow (
christopherdied). The 22-year-old lives in Scituate and works as a host at Sam’s, the restaurant above Louis Boston.

Snow is a fashion junkie who pines for luxury labels such as Marni, Haider Ackermann, Dries van Noten, and Prada. He loves Italian Vogue, but does not speak Italian. He uses the phrase “cut a rug,” is a glutton for sweets, cackles like a hyena, and lives by the philosophy that nothing should be dull. Words do not do justice to this irrepressible dandy, so let’s just get to the questions, shall we?

Q. Let’s start with that hair. What is your real hair color, and when was the last time you saw it?


A. This is worse than a lady revealing her age. Josh Truax of Salon Mario Russo at Fan Pier is credited with dyeing my hair. After watching “Blade Runner,” I met with him and told him I wanted to look like Roy Batty. Then I tossed a few other references his way which included Scarlett Cannon, Debbie Harry, and Jayne Mansfield. I cannot recall my natural hair color, nor do I ever want to.

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Q. You mentioned that you’re a fan of some very high-end designers. How often are you able to buy yourself a little something, or do you occasionally indulge in a five-finger discount?

A. I afford myself a few things a season. I am not innately wealthy so I have to work quite a bit for these things, and I am proud to do so. I have a rather enormous devotion to the art of dressing and style, so clothing is critical and it is essentially how I communicate to society. I have been consistently building an absurdly fantastic, albeit expensive wardrobe since I was a sophomore in high school. I don’t mess around when it comes to my attire, or my trousseau. Well I guess trousseau is the incorrect word here, but my collection has gradually grown over the years.

Q. I’m happy to see that you’re not afraid of a man skirt. What kind of reaction do you get o


n the street, or do you wear it only at strategic times and places?


A. I receive a mix of reactions, mostly in support, or from those who are intrigued. Typically, most people are telling me it takes guts to wear a kilt or a pencil skirt in such context. People are also bemused because it doesn’t come off entirely feminine, but rather it is impressively masculine. I never intentionally try to make people irritated. The way I dress should not be considered transgressive. I enjoy freedom of movement, expression, and spirit. I don’t like vulgarity and I am not being brash by wearing items that are reserved for ladies or trying to bend my gender, because I love being male. I also think I have phenomenal calves, so I like to display them in a few different ways.

Q. You misbehave, you eat sweets nonstop, and you don’t mind partaking of the drink. This is a two-parter: Where are your favorite places to enjoy these activities, and, more importantly, can I have your life?

A. No you may not! I am so grateful to have this unbelievable metabolism, it is critical for my figure. Sofra is absolutely, devastatingly amazing. I like the wine selection at Violette [Wine Cellars] next door to Sofra. There is also a Brick & Mortar for cocktails. In the suburbs where I live, the majority of my sustenance comes from Circe’s Grotto, which is a sandwich shop and bakery in North Scituate.

I may be biased here but I love Sam’s so damn much. Asia Mei, the executive chef, puts out some incredibly vibrant and mighty dishes.


Q. Is the music you listen to as riotous as the rest of your life?


A. My mind is always at a punk discotheque. I wake up and instantly begin cutting a rug. My eclectic and very random playlist of the moment includes Sonic Youth, Gossip, Morrissey, Zola Jesus, Run-DMC, Santigold, Bee Gees, Hercules and the Love Affair, Mos Def, T. Rex, Azealia Banks, Minor Threat, and Philip Glass for when I need to come down from spinning and twirling. I have an obsession with Scissor Sisters and Blondie. If Debbie Harry and Jake Shears somehow had a love child, I am certain it would be me.

Q. If you had to choose one kind of candy to consume for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A. Why would you ask me this? Impossible. Maybe a sea salt caramel-coconut-marshmallow something. Or those sugary fruit slices. Oh my God, I loathe this question. The surprising part of my addiction to sweets is that I have no cavities. You should see me put away a pound of penny candy. It’s awfully alarming.

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