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    Instagram fashion: Katherine Tabinowski

    This week’s Instagram fashion star is adorable style blogger and merchandising intern Katherine Tabinowski.
    This week’s Instagram fashion star is adorable style blogger and merchandising intern Katherine Tabinowski.

    This week’s Instagram fashion star is adorable style blogger and merchandising intern Katherine Tabinowski ( The 23-year-old Delaware native is new to Massachusetts, but isn’t new to searching out vintage fashion at secondhand stores. She’s still trying to find her way around Boston, but has no problem finding a good food truck or cat videos on YouTube. Think of her as Hingham’s answer to Zooey Deschanel. Time to find out what this new girl has to say for herself — and her pesky shopping addiction.

    Q. Delaware is a small state famous for blue crabs. I just read that on the Internet. But it’s also famous for Sugar Ray Leonard and Valerie Bertinelli. Which one of those Delawareans do you most identify with?

    A. Valerie Bertinelli. Who didn’t love “Touched By an Angel”?


    Q. There are a few spring trends that upset me so much that they’re giving me hives. Do you have any Spring/Summer 2013 trends that you wish would go back to New York and stay there?

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    A. Overalls! They need to go back to the 1990s where they belong.

    Q. Did you once have a bad experience with overalls, or do you simply have an aversion to farm life?

    A. I don’t hate farm life, but I’m definitely not a country girl. Seeing models and street style stars trying to wear overalls in the city just seems so out of place and confuses me.


    Q. If you had an opportunity to pick anyone you like to contribute to your blog, aside from me, who would it be?


    A. This is a tough one, but I think it would have to be the Man Repeller . She has such a unique voice and she never takes herself too seriously, which is really refreshing for the fashion industry.

    Q. Best find ever at a thrift store? And any good thrift horror stories you can share in a family newspaper?

    A. In college I worked at a boutique that sold new and vintage clothing. One day my boss came back from an estate sale with a pair of vintage tennis shorts from the 1960s and they stayed on the rack for about five minutes before I snatched them up for only $14. I feel pretty lucky that I haven’t had any horror stories from thrift shopping, except that I hate finding old tissues or handkerchiefs in the pockets of pants and bags. Not cool.


    Q. You describe yourself as a crazy cat lady. How many cats do you have, and, more importantly, what are their names?

    A. I have two pretty kitties named Muffin (full name Princess Muffy) and Coco. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have very many cat accessories but I do wear a lot of leopard print.


    Q. Is there anything in particular that draws you to the style of Zooey Deschanel?

    A. Zooey just always looks so put together and her vintage-inspired style really complements her quirky personality. I’m also obsessed with “New Girl,” so that probably has a lot to do with it.

    Q. Is there a place in Boston where you love to shop?

    A. One of my favorite new discoveries is No Rest for Bridget on Newbury Street. I’m also a huge fan of the SoWa Open Market. I’m trying to go as many Sundays as I can this year.

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