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Instagram fashion: Jessye Aibel

Art director by day, fashion blogger by night. It’s no wonder that 25-year-old Back Bay resident Jessye Aibel ( demonstrates a keen eye for fashion whenever she points her camera phone away from her beloved dog and at herself instead. Time to delve into Aibel’s blog ambition.

Q. You’re in advertising. How many times a week do people ask you if you’re a fan of “Mad Men”?

A. I don’t get asked too often. Maybe people are afraid of what I’ll do.


Q. If you do watch “Mad Men,” I must know important details, such as who are your favorite characters, and do you drink and smoke at the office?

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A. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t captivated by Don Draper’s creative prowess and questionable morals. Before I started working in advertising, I sincerely believed I’d find Don Draper’s doppelgänger. So far, no luck. And while we do have a designated beer fridge and margarita Fridays at work, we do not smoke in the office.

Q. I couldn’t help but notice that you have an unusually placed “y” in your name. Was it something you added to get a leg up on all those run-of-the-mill Jesses out there?

A. Yes, actually. I told my parents to add the “y” while I was still in the womb. So far, it’s been a blessing and a curse. I gave up on correcting people who call me Jessica. It’s just Jessye on my birth certificate, but at least the extra letter makes me seem edgy and rebellious. Maybe?

Q. You’re starting a fashion blog. But I have to ask: How will your blog be different? It seems that everyone and her Uncle Chester has a fashion blog.


A. Well, Uncle Chester sounds like he could be a real fashionista, but I can give you a few reasons why my blog ( is worth visiting. It’s not just about style. The idea is really to integrate Boston, too. This is a visually interesting, beautiful city and I want to set a distinct scene and story for the style I showcase. I’m not just taking pictures of myself in a mirror and putting them online. My goal is to eventually work with and promote local boutiques by featuring looks they’ve styled.

Q. You are a bit of a fashion plate now, but hop into your high-school yearbook time machine and tell me about your biggest fashion fails. Extra points for bad hair stories.

A. Platform flip-flops. Jeans with no back pockets. Bleached blonde, stick-straight hair, like dried-out corn husks. Gorgeous. I can’t talk about this anymore or I’ll start rethinking my decision to be a fashion blogger.

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