My Instagram: Leigh Trainor

Leigh Trainor.
Leigh Trainor.

She’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ’n’ roll, and completely original. This week’s Instagramer is fashion risk-taker Leigh Trainor (, a 24-year-old Florida transplant and visual merchandiser for Diesel. She sports more than 50 tattoos (with more to come), and, perhaps more shocking, a fanny pack.

Q. I’m going to channel my mom for a moment and ask: How do you think your tattoos will fare with age?

A. I think a good portion of my tattoos will age well. They were done by some of the best artists. I also have a lot of traditional tattoos with thick lines and bold colors. Also, when I’m 60, the lovely roses that I have on my chest will be down to my belly button and will all become a bouquet.


Q. Did you have to adapt the way that you dress when you moved to Boston, or are you the same Florida gal you’ve always been?

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A. I did have to alter my style. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Though I have changed my style, I still uphold Flamingo Friday [her weekly tropical homage to her home state] and wear all my goofy Florida stuff throughout the year. My style change really is more for fall and winter. In Florida, I used to wear a ton of high heels because I drove everywhere. Here, it’s flats city for me.

Q. As someone who bravely wears fox tails, rompers, and fanny packs, I’m wondering if you ever have any moments when you look back and wonder what you were thinking?

A. I have always stood by my fashion decisions. If it didn’t work out, I didn’t do it again. I went back and checked out some old photos, and there’s really nothing I would go back and change. I have always been a risk-taker when it comes to putting odd things together. I can recall wearing all three of those items together once, and the romper was floral, and my fanny pack has studs all over it.

Q. I think it’s very sweet that you dress up for your boyfriend [country singer Steve Kasas]. Do you think that’s a bit of a lost art?


A. I completely think it’s a lost art, but it’s not every gal’s cup of tea. I love coming home and changing into a lace dress, then throwing on one of my vintage aprons and having dinner ready for him by the time he gets home. He definitely appreciates how cute I look, and how good dinner is.

Q. You have a pretty amazing eye for putting things together that shouldn’t look good together, and yet they do. Is there a secret?

A. It’s just having confidence. I think I’m the only gal in Boston who can wear a floral shirt, red and black plaid button-down, with cheetah print flats, vintage earrings and a studded fanny pack, and get away with it. You have to walk out your door knowing that people might look at you funny or make a comment, but as long as you stand by it and know that what you’re wearing is awesome, you’ll be set.

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