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Nour Agha.
Nour Agha.

Student and makeup artist Nour Agha (
has experimented with her hijab, the scarf that Muslim women wear to cover their heads, and shared her cutting-edge ideas on Instagram. As a result, she says, girls now look to her for new ways of styling their headscarves. The 22-year-old is a deaf studies major who spends her spare time working as a makeup artist and experimenting with photography. While sartorially modest, Agha describes her style as edgy chic.

Q. At what point did you determine that you could get very creative with your head scarves?

A. The hijab is worn to cover a woman from anyone who is not blood related. But it’s not simply enough to wrap the scarf around your head, you must accompany it with modest clothing. Personally, I always match my hijab to the outfits I wear. After wearing the hijab for a couple of years, I started experimenting with different styles that looked cool but also covered. I came up with a turban style that covers not only a women’s hair but also the neck. I’m known within my community to also add a flower pin on my hijab to make my look a little unique.


Q. What kind of response do you get from your Instagram pictorials on the scarves?

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A. I usually have requests to do pictorials for certain wraps. The girls absolutely love the pictorials because they always wonder how the wraps are done. I’m constantly getting excited girls and awesome feedback on Instagram.

Q. Do you have a favorite place that you get fabric for your scarves, or a favorite brand?

A. My favorite place to get my scarves are the antique markets in old Damascus. I pray that one day I can return and shop there. But now I shop for scarves from stores such as H&M and Francesca. I like to stick to cotton scarves because they are easiest to wrap and they feel lightweight. Raw silk is an awesome material that wraps wonderfully as well.

Q. Aside from the head scarves, what are your other wardrobe requirements, and how do you adapt them to your style?


A. Clothes that are restricted in my religion are anything that shape my figure or show my skin. I say I can “hijabify” anything, meaning I can make anything that is not wearable (no short sleeves, low neck, or short skirts) into something that is wearable with my restrictions. Wearing a short dress with skinny pants underneath with some awesome jewelry and cute blazer would be something I would “hijabify” to create into my own style.

Q. Did your interest in makeup grow as a way to express yourself?

A. Yes, definitely. If anything, wearing the hijab inspires me to spend more time experimenting and having fun with my makeup. It’s another way to make my fun and trendy personality pop.

Q. What was the most bizarre makeup request you’ve received from a client?

A. I was asked to do zombie makeup on three high school girls for zombie day during their spirit week. I created such scary zombies that when they walked into school they were asked to go into the office and remove the makeup because it was too scary. Whoops!

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