Lindsey Doolittle.
Lindsey Doolittle.

Show me a woman being photographed on Newbury Street wearing a Zara vest, a J.Crew statement necklace, a pair of Asos jeans, and some Michael Kors wedges, and I’ll show you one of Boston’s many fashion bloggers. These gals (there are some fellows in the mix but they dress a little differently) are multiplying faster than the Duggars. But it was one of these blogs, and Instagram, of course, that led me to this week’s pick. Meet 28-year-old Lindsey Doolittle (www.instagram.com/lsfashiondish). When she’s not working at Rue La La, she’s working on her blog L’s Fashion Dish. Before the questions, a little biographical information. She’s a budding foodie with an evolving sense of style and a cat named Marley. Let’s settle in and have a chat, shall we?

Q. I enjoy tormenting bloggers with this question: What are your qualifications for writing a fashion blog?


A. If a Real Housewife can “write” a cookbook, I can have a fashion blog. All kidding aside, I’ve always been passionate about fashion and style and it ended up segueing into a career for me.

Q. We’re all tempted by luxury shopping, and especially those of us who write about style. What’s your biggest, most luxurious splurge? Any regrets?

A. I recently splurged on a vintage Chanel flap bag. Zero regrets because it’s a classic style that I will have for ages.

Q. Your style is evolving, but do you have a sense of where this evolution will take you, or where you’d like it to take you?

A. As my career evolves, I’m exposed to and have access to emerging styles. I used to be pretty straight-laced when it came to trying new things, but I’m slowly embracing experimenting with trends. Fashion is all about stepping outside the box and making mistakes. What’s the fun in always sticking with what you know? I hope to look back on my outfits over the years and have a good laugh.


Q. Choose three fictional characters (you can choose from TV, movies, or books) you wish you could be. And no Carrie Bradshaw or Holly Golightly, please.

A. Hmm. I’ll say Daisy Buchanan [from “The Great Gatsby”]. Who doesn’t love a good flapper dress and feather headband? Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones.” Why not? She’s hot and orders armies of men around. Or Cher Horowitz [from “Clueless”], because I always wanted that rotating closet of hers.

Q. As a restaurant lover, is there a place you like for the interior décor more than the food?

A. Lolita, although I am a sucker for cotton candy at the end of any meal.

Q. When was the last time you were complimented on what you were wearing?

A. I was awkwardly snapping my own blog pics last week on a Back Bay street when a passerby complimented me. I was wearing printed silk Hammer-style pants, a crop top, and a blazer.

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