Kinesha Goldson.
Kinesha Goldson. /handout

As a child she snuck into her mother’s closet to try on party dresses and staged fashion shows in the kitchen. As a teenager, she was partial to big hair and sequins. Now she’s a woman with a fondness for white nail polish, French-style macaroons, and “Mad Men.” Say hello to this week’s Instagram style pick, 25-year-old Kinesha Goldson (www.instagram.com/KLizGold). A buyer for Talbots, Goldson is seldom seen without her high heels. And she’s virtually never seen paying retail. Time to find out why this Chelsea fitness buff wishes she could dress like Rihanna every day.

Q. I’m going to borrow your knowledge as a buyer. Let’s say, hypothetically, I’m a woman, and I’m going to buy a new coat for winter or fall. What should I be looking for if I want to be on trend?


A. This fall is all about classic silhouettes in rich hues. A wool/cashmere single-breasted blazer in a pretty mustard or salmon is definitely the way to turn heads and escape from the typical fall palette. 

Q. Time for your “Mad Men” quiz. If Don Draper was off limits and you had to pick another Sterling Cooper & Partners employee to romance, who would it be?

A. Roger Sterling. Duh. There’s just something about that perfectly coiffed silver hair [Sterling is played by Boston native John Slattery]. Plus he’s laugh-out-loud funny. A lot of men underestimate the value in being able to make a girl laugh.

Q. What style tips did you pick up from your fabulously fashionable mother?

A. Instead of a lecture about boys and alcohol, when I moved onto campus at Northeastern, the stern conversation that my mother had with me went a little something like this: “ . . . and don’t let me see you walking around like dem girls going to class in their
pajamas and slippers.” Read that in thick Jamaican accent. I always try to dress like I’m going to run into the last person I want to see.


Q. In a perfect world, you say that you would follow Rihanna’s fashion sense and wear everything that she wears. But are you confident enough to pull off those risque stage outfits? That would require a lot of Equinox gym time.

A. I think I have that covered. I’m the mayor of the Dartmouth Street location [of Equinox] on Foursquare. When I skip a day people think something terrible has happened to me.

Q. Please explain your statement: “Catwoman is my fashion spiritual animal.” Does that mean Catwoman Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, or Anne Hathaway? Or a different kind of Catwoman altogether?

A. Have you seen Anne Hathaway in a catsuit? Is this a real question?

Q. Have you sought treatment for your Instagram addiction? You share an abundant amount of photos.

A. What addiction?

Q. How much would I have to pay you to take off your heels and wear a pair of Crocs in public?

A. I just threw up a little. There would definitely have to be a seven-figure offer on the table — and a date with Bradley Cooper.

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