My Instagram: Matthew Eriksen

It looks like we’ve snagged a budding Renaissance man in our Instagram filter this week. Matthew Eriksen ( is a 20-year-old who describes himself as “a student by day, actor-designer-photographer by night.” The Suffolk University advertising and graphics communications major is obsessed with typography, country music, and watching award-show acceptance speeches. As a youngster he was always seeking the spotlight. Well, young Matthew, you’ve found it this week. Start talking.

Q. As a budding actor, have you ever been costumed in something that you’ve been completely uncomfortable wearing?

A. Does flour and sugar count? And no, this was not for a Betty Crocker commercial. This concoction was the brainchild of the director of my most recent project and indie film titled “Mosden.” The flour and sugar was a mixture that was lightly dusted over my body in the opening scene, where my character lies frozen in a white void.


Q. What has been your most prominent role so far?

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A. I spent last summer working alongside Taylor Lautner (“Twilight”) and David Henrie (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) as one of their fraternity brothers in “Grown Ups 2.” It was the time of my life. I met some of the most genuine people on that set, many of whom I remain in contact with today.

Q. Did you switch your major from film production to advertising after seeing a particularly horrible movie? If that’s the case, I’m guessing the film in question starred Brendan Fraser?

A. Surprisingly no. I actually switched it because I fell in love with “Mad Men,” thanks in part to Don Draper’s ability to convince.

Q. Since you are interested in the study of typography, tell me your favorite font and why you are attached to it.


A. Comic Sans or Papyrus. I’m kidding. A good handful of designers probably just dropped dead somewhere. But in all seriousness, my favorite font right now is Gotham, which was used in President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Q. How on earth did a nice boy from Beverly end up a fan of country music?

A. Two words: my brother. I’m pretty sure we were on our way to a ski trip and we drove up the night before anyone else got there. The car ride was over two hours long and all he played was country. When you listen to something that much, you’re likely to either go crazy or love it. I guess I chose the latter.

Q. I must have misheard you, because you told me that you have “camel print” pants. I’m guessing you meant camel-color pants? And when you said you wear Toms shoes, you meant that you wear Ferragamo shoes? Are there any other fashion infractions you care to share?

A. I wouldn’t exactly call these infractions. I’m a mix-it-up kind of guy who doesn’t follow trends. In the summer, the last thing I want to do is be like everyone else. But if anyone is looking to get me a birthday gift, a pair of Ferragamos would be perfect for the fall.


Q. Since you turn 21 this fall, I must ask: If you could choose anyone to have your first (legal) drink with, who would it be?

A. Easy: Katy Perry. She’s one cool cat.

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