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    Please step away from the bronzer

    Charley Gallay/Getty Images

    There’s been much grousing about how wretched the Emmys were — the atrocious pacing, the leitmotif of death, the baffling dance sequence. But let’s not overlook the fashion blunder of the night: bronzer abuse.

    High-def TV has even the most gorgeous celebs trembling before the cameras, knowing every pockmark and nose hair will be revealed on screens across the country. So they turn to bronzer — that earthy, sparkly makeup — to minimize imperfections and make them look robust, sun-kissed.

    Except when it leaves them looking like a buttered yam.


    Several stars fell victim at the Emmys. The adorable Sarah Hyland (pictured) of “Modern Family” was positively rust colored. Jane Krakowski sported amber streaks across her cheeks. Will Arnett was terracotta. Here’s hoping Hollywood tones it down before the next big awards show, or we fear the Golden Globes will take on a whole new meaning.

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