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    My Instagram: Javid Moghaddasnia

    If there is one thing I’ve learned writing this column, it’s that Instagram is not only flooded with photos of teenage girls pursing their lips at the camera, it’s also jammed with pictures of J.Crew employees. Why? According to this week’s Instagram style star (and J.Crew employee) Javid Moghaddasnia ,( it’s because “being stylish is something that you need to have when you work at a place like J.Crew.” So that explains why I could never get a job there. The 27-year-old Mission Hill resident says he is just beginning to discover his personal style, which means it’s time to grill him on fashion and his beard.

    Q. In many of your pictures, you wear a shirt over another shirt and tie. Is this a thing happening for the fall that no one told me about, or is this something that you developed as your signature look?

    A. I saw someone in this look and I instantly became inspired. The “double-woven” as I like to call it, is happening for my fall because this is the season to layer.

    Q. It seems that you are either wearing two shirts in your Instagram photos, or no shirt whatsoever. Do you occasionally experience allergic reactions to clothing that result in shirtless selfies?

    A. When you work in an environment surrounded by clothes and have the task of piecing them together for others, the last thing you want to do when you’re home is think about putting together yet another outfit. Also, I have two groups of followers on Instagram: The ones that like my style, and the others who enjoy my ... well, let’s say lack of clothing.

    Q. You’ve alluded to being a dancer, so tell me about your dance career. Did you ever set your sights on being the next Baryshnikov?


    A. I started dancing later than most, at the age of 17. I danced for seven years, beginning at a small studio taking an acrobatic class. That led to becoming a member of their competitive team and taking classes in jazz and ballet. I fell in love with the ballet and joined a semi-professional ballet company. Two years later I was promoted to a principal dancer and had the privilege to be lead in a number of different ballets. l was an all-star cheerleader during that time and competed nationwide. It was a stage in my life when I thought I could make a living out of it.

    Q. You strike me as the kind of fellow who is growing a beard in solidarity with the Red Sox. Just kidding. Are there ever days when you’re tempted to break up with your beard, or are you in a committed relationship with it?

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    A. Before I dive into my love of facial hair, I want to first start out by saying it’s still a new discovery for me. I worked for a company for eight years that enforced a clean-shaven look. The day after I left that job, I started growing my beard and it’s become my favorite accessory to date. Earlier this year, I did have a Britney moment and shaved it all off, but since then my beard and I are going strong and not looking back.

    Want to be featured as an Instagram style star? Hashtag your photos #BostonSnap. Christopher Muther can be reached at Follow him on Instagram @Chris_Muther and on Twitter @Chris_Muther