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My Instagram: Lydia Liebman


She’s a senior at Emerson College and Berklee College of Music, she’s a singer, she writes for a newspaper, and she manages musicians. Cheese and crackers, Lydia Liebman (, is there anything you can’t do? Not only is the budding jazz singer a multi-multi-multitasker, she’s also a fashion lover, which makes her this week’s Instagram style pick. The 21-year-old Back Bay resident is also obsessed with coffee shops, Hermes scarves, and frogs.

Q. How do you have time to do everything that you do? Have you figured out how to make robot clones of yourself? If so, can you tell me how to do that?


A. I try to manage my time wisely and most importantly know when to say no. If I’m going to be swamped with work for a few weeks, I know not to take on a new client during that period. If I could get that time-travel thing Hermione had in “Harry Potter,” I would be forever grateful.

Q. Please don’t give me the stink eye for saying this, but there is a contingent of people who think jazz sounds like someone stepping on a cat’s tail.

A. It certainly isn’t for everyone. I was born into it. My parents are both jazz musicians and my dad [David Liebman, awarded the title Jazz Master by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2011] is sort of a name in the jazz world, so I didn’t really have a choice. Believe me, it took me a while to get into it, but once I learned how to appreciate it, I never looked back. I would definitely suggest those who can’t get into it to try music that’s a bridge between jazz and something else. For example, Robert Glasper has been doing big things with neo-soul-infused jazz. I recommend giving that a try. If you dig it, ease into the rest.


Q. Congratulations! You’re the first person I’ve met who is obsessed with frogs.

A. Such a weird story. When I was 6 or 7, I came to Boston with my family and we went to the Museum of Fine Arts where they were selling these little stuffed frogs that were totally adorable. The frog’s name was Philippe and it was based on a frog that is apparently found in one of Monet’s paintings. I totally fell in love with this toy and carried it with me everywhere. Frogs became my favorite animal. The tragedy here is that my freshman year of college a suitcase containing the frog got stolen in a New York cab and the suitcase was never recovered. NY1 news covered it because my father once wrote a song about a frog that was nominated for a Grammy.

Q. Strangest gig you’ve ever performed?

A. Nothing too weird, although once I was singing at a jazz festival in Pennsylvania and put my hand on the mike. It landed right on a bee and I’ll tell you that singing in front of hundreds of people with a bee sting sucks. It was pretty hard to keep it together but somehow I made it through.

Q. When you’re a big star and you have your pick of clothes from any designer, who will you be wearing?

A. My favorite designers are Max Mara, Akris, Reed Krakoff, and Escada. So any of the above. But of course no collection is complete without a little Chanel.


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