My Instagram: Emily Shell Geaman

By day she works in marketing for a cookbook publisher, by night she’s a terrible cook (but give the gal some credit for trying) and blogs about her fantastically preppy obsessions. Emily Shell Geaman ( is our Instagram style pick of the week. The L.L. Bean-wearing, Lilly Pulitzer-loving, 24-year-old Anglophile lives in the North End and spends her spare moments dancing. Time to learn the secrets of her style.

Q. Is your middle name really Shell? Are you the product of hippie parents who love the beach?

A. That’s really my middle name. Actually it’s Katherine Shell, it’s two middle names. Shell is my mother’s middle name.

Q. Did you start your preppy style as a little girl, or is it more of a recent development?

A. I’ve always been wearing the classics, always wearing a button-up shirt and a headband. I know most little girls wear bows in their hair, but here I am at the age of 24, and I still wear bows in my hair. I sort of have that preppy Blair Waldorf look. My style has gone through phases, but most of my life I’ve stuck to the classics.

Q. I always associate Lilly Pulitzer with Palm Beach trophy wives and eccentric women on the Vineyard who throw elaborate dinner parties.


A. That’s what it was for so long. It was what the socialites were wearing. I love that it’s developed into a brand that’s so much more than that. It’s developed with color and prints.

Q. One of the things I’ve found writing this column is that a lot of people who are interested in fashion have a dance background. What’s the connection?

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A. Now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense. You grow up with costume after costume. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was dancing 15 hours a week, which equals a lot of costumes a year. You get a lot of bad costumes. I think it helps you decide your taste and what colors and fabrics look good on you.

Q. You profess to being an Anglophile and having a love of all things British. Were you one of the crazies who was up at 4 a.m. for the royal wedding?

A. Oh my God, I totally was. I had tea and scones to go along with it. Every 20- and 30-something woman grew up loving the princes. To get to watch that fairy tale come true, well, it didn’t come true for me, but I still loved watching the story play out.

Q. William or Harry?

A. William, and that’s not because he’s next in line for the throne. I’ve never really been attracted to the mischief-making Harry.

Q. Favorite fashion-related film? And it can’t star Audrey Hepburn.

A. I like a lot of Wes Anderson movies. I can’t say that they reflect my personal style. The quirkiness, the costuming in those films are just incredible. Gwyneth Paltrow in “The Royals Tenenbaums,” Kara Hayward in “Moonrise Kingdom.” They were just so fun and looked effortless. But were so chic at the same time.

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