My Instagram: Anastasia Walker

It’s not enough that this week’s Instagram style star, Anastasia Walker (, is studying fashion merchandising. The 20-year-old from Dorchester also models, works as a stylist, is an aspiring rapper, and, like every stylish woman under the age of 30, has a fashion blog. And you thought you were having a busy week. She’s inspired by street art, music, history, literature, theater, and Courtney Love. And it just so happens she grew up with a mom who was also a fashion plate. Time to drop in on her and say hello.

Q. We’ll get to fashion in a minute, but let’s start with hip-hop. How did you figure out you had a talent for rap?

A. I was somewhat of a stage kid. My mother had my siblings and I constantly performing. We danced, sang, and acted in numerous productions around the Boston area. I have always loved rap music. I started noticing that I was quite talented at rapping at a young age. I was always writing my own little songs and creating freestyles in my head. I had my first performance when I was 11. I was so scared, I remember the mike being so big in my small hands. But once I got on the stage I killed it.

Q. You’re a fan of Shakespeare. Have you worked any Shakespearean quotes into your lyrics?

A. It’s crazy because I have not yet done so. That’s something I’ll have to do. Thank you for that brilliant idea.

Q. You’re very welcome. I’ll expect royalties when it’s selling briskly on iTunes. You started modeling at a young age. Do you remember what that first experience was like?


A. I was participating in a runway show at the John Hancock Tower. I was far from nervous. I was so excited. I remember wearing a crop top with airbrushed lettering and cargo pants. I had on mini heels as well. I was so happy to get my hair and makeup done, I felt like a star. I think that moment started it all. I fell in love with the runway and spotlight.

Q. You have a lot of irons in the fire, but do you have an ultimate career goal: model, rapper, stylist, designer, clerk at Walgreens?

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A. My ultimate goal is to be a recognized musician/songwriter who is also a stylist that owns her own fashion company. I simply cannot see myself doing one thing for the rest of my life. I want to be a brand. Super fabulous and super successful. There is no way I could be happy if music and fashion were not a part of my everyday life in the future. If I have all these talents why not practice them all?

Q. You said your mom was super chic back in the day. Did she hold on to any of her clothes that you can now wear as vintage?

A. She didn’t hold on to all of them but she held on to enough. It’s funny you asked that because I constantly raid her closet for colorful, high-shoulder blazers and silk shirts. I love one bright orange blazer that she owns. Recently I wore a snakeskin suit that my mom actually said she wore when she was younger. It’s very 1970s, but it is so epic. I paired it with a fur vest and I flipped my hair out. It was super throwback disco.

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