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My Instagram: Tianna Gallinaro


Tianna Gallinaro (www.instagram.com/bigcitytyro) isn't your ordinary 19-year-old Anglophile. This Boston University public relations major has an appreciation for the culture that goes deeper than "Downton Abbey," although naturally the show is one of her obsessions. She so loves all things British that as a sixth grader she dressed as Anne Boleyn for Halloween and admits that she can quote the entire marriage proposal scene of the 2005 film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice." Let's meet this stylish South Florida export.

Q. Most underrated British band?

A. That's tough. Old school, I would say Depeche Mode. "Just Can't Get Enough" is my ringtone on my phone right now. If we're talking modern, I would say Jake Bugg even though he's not really a band. "Lighting Bolt" is one of my favorite songs to play when I run along the Charles. He sounds like a combination of Paul McCartney and Johnny Cash.

Q. Most overrated British actor?


A. Rob Pattinson. I never could jump onto that "Twilight" bandwagon. The whole vampire thing just didn't appeal to me. Most underrated? Rupert Friend. He was so dashing in "The Young Victoria." I am still very upset Keira Knightley did not end up marrying him.

Q. If you could be any member of the royal family (except Kate Middleton, too easy), who would you be?

A. Can I be the imaginary future daughter of William and Kate? Any daughter of theirs is destined to be gorgeous and have an elegant wardrobe.

Q. I noticed that in your fashion favorites, you didn't mention a British designer. What's your take on Brit fashion?

A. I think British fashion is like American fashion; there are so many different styles, trends, and history that it can appeal to anyone's personal style. I really admire a lot of the heritage brands like Barbour, Hunter Boot, and Burberry which still find ways to branch out and be relevant and modern without compromising their quality and breaking away from their roots. As for high fashion, I definitely love labels like Alexander McQueen and even Vivienne Westwood.


Q. If you're up to date on "Downton Abbey" (and I hope you are), which of Lady Mary's suitors would you choose for her?

A. I’m not a huge fan of any of them. I hope she’ll eventually meet some wild and rugged American man who will sweep her off her feet. Perhaps a rich bachelor from Boston?

Q. After you graduate and you're a big shot PR fashion maven, which designer would you like to work for?

A. Definitely Jenna Lyons. Her style is so inspiring. She's got this quirky yet tasteful androgynous, preppy vibe that she's unapologetic about. I also admire Jenna because of what she's done for J.Crew as a business.

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