My Instagram: Joelle Janigian

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting fashion bloggers of all varieties through our humble Instagram style column. We thought we had encountered every fashion-related topic imaginable. But then we met North End resident Joelle Janigian ( The 23-year-old started a blog called My Sunday Dress to write about two of her favorite things: religion and fashion. In fact, she says, it was a calling from God that prompted her to start her blog, which also touches on challenges facing modern gals, like dating. She ticks off her obsessions as faux fur, over-dressing, and Jesus. Which means, it’s time to meet this fashionable and faithful blogger.

Q. First and foremost: God told you to start a blog about fashion?

A. Sounds unusual right? You would think that I misinterpreted God leading me to go on a mission trip to Africa or supply water to underdeveloped countries. But each person is created individually with unique gifts to point people toward Jesus. He directs us toward these missions by giving us passions and desires. One of my gifts is an eye for fashion, so when the idea arose of combining faith with fashion, I knew it was meant to be.

Q. How do religion and fashion coincide for you?

A. Church can be very intimidating for many people, so I love that my platform allows for all people, Christian or not, to hear about the message of Jesus. Also for women to be inspired to dress modestly and fashionably, learning to respect themselves, and knowing that they don’t need to bare it all to be beautiful. Religion goes way beyond following rules and being a good girl. Fun fact: Adam and Eve were the first fashion designers. Genesis 3:7 “. . . So they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.”

Q. Are there things that you can learn about fashion or dating from the Bible?


A. Totally. Because the Bible was written many years ago people think that it is completely irrelevant to us today. Wrong. For example, people think marriage is about finding someone purely to make you happy, and therefore when things get hard, Mr. Right becomes Mr. Wrong. But the Bible says marriage is about putting each other first.

Q. Have you thought about starting a magazine? I can’t think of anyone else covering these issues.

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A. There is a growing community of people that have a similar mission to mine. I just returned from Christian Fashion Week in Tampa. I would love to start a movement, whether it’s with Christian style conferences, my own clothing line, or a magazine.

Q. Because your blog is called My Sunday Dress, I have to ask: What’s the most fabulous dress you ever wore to church?

A. Let me think. I’m obsessed with my gold beaded and sequin three-quarter sleeve dress by Aidan Mattox for special church events. For an everyday church look, my go-to is a green and beige lace tulip dress by Zara.

Interview was edited and condensed. Want to be featured as an Instagram style star? Hashtag your photos #BostonSnap. Christopher Muther can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Chris_Muther.