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A mix of color, bird prints, and paisley.
A mix of color, bird prints, and paisley.

Nanette Lepore wouldn’t call herself an interior decorating addict, but when she finished furnishing her houses in Manhattan and in the Hamptons she felt a letdown.

“I wish I had more. I’m dying to redo my house. I want to paint it crazy colors and start over,” said the New York-based fashion designer.

Instead, Lepore decided to channel her energies into helping others feed their home-furnishing obsessions. She launched Villa, a vibrant home collection of bedding and decorative pillows. The first collection, which just landed at her Newbury Street boutique and website, as well as at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.com, reflects the designer’s love of bold colors and prints. Her cobalt comforter, suitably named Peacock, is not for a wallflower. Neither are the coordinating pillows — one ruched, another covered with black embroidery and beading.


“It’s really fun to see how this stuff really works well,” said Lepore, who will be in town April 3 for a shopping event with the Junior League of Boston. “Each one is more exciting than the next.”

There are neutral options, of course. A platinum tucked comforter would be at home in any upscale boutique hotel or Wellesley manse, but Lepore knows the power of a bright color or pretty pattern. Her 20-plus years designing clothes made the leap to home decor an easy one, and her rich archive of fabrics was a “treasure chest of ideas to draw on.”

“A lot of it is things that were on the runway. I make a [fashion] collection every month, so from 20 years in business of 12 months a year, you can amass a lot of stuff.”

Which is why it’s helpful to have another outlet — one that can repurpose a romantic coral botanical print into a comforter set and pillows.

“The nice thing for me is to visit old patterns and prints, things I worked hard on,” said Lepore. “Now I get to breath new life into it.”


Jill Radsken can be reached at jill.radsken@gmail.com